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Special italian group tours and itineraries

Special Tours

Italy was divided into many independent states until the comparatively recent 1861 when it became a nation-state. Many traditions and customs that are now recognized as distinctly Italian can be identified by their regions of origin. Years of experience on the territory has led us to craft our special itineraries for you, revealing the beautiful secrets of many Italian regions.

Some of the most famous elements of Italian culture are iconic food and wine, fashion and design. Sports cars, centuries of musical tradition and artisan craftmanship complete the scene. You just have to pick the itinerary that suits you better!

    • Taste iconic wine and food Italy offers to its visitors an incredible collection of different dishes and wines. However, not all the different culinary traditions are as well known as they deserve: each area has its own specialties, primarily at regional level, but also at provincial level. The differences can come from geographical position, historical influences and economics and our Wine and Food tours are the right choice!


    • Shop for high fashion and design products Italy is prominent in the field of design and is today one of the world centers of modern high fashion clothing and the city of Milan takes its place amongst the most important centers of fashion in the world. We offer you the possibility to walk those streets, look for the best brands and bring home with you the objects of your desires with our shopping tours


    • Enjoy music, theatre and opera Italy was the birthplace of opera, and for generations the language of opera was Italian, irrespective of the nationality of the composer. Popular tastes in drama in Italy have long favored comedy; the improvisational style known as the Commedia dell’Arte began in Italy in the mid-16th century and is still performed today. Before being exported to France, the famous Ballet dance genre also originated in Italy.


    • Experience amazing sports cars and bikes The best Italian sports cars and bikes excel in style and engine quality. The peninsula has given birth to world famous brands an to many award-winning pilots. Italy has also two world famous race tracks (besides many others) and the Italian Formula One Grand Prix is one of the longest running events in the motor racing calendar. Held in Monza and in  Imola’s Enzo and Dino Ferrari race track as well in one occasion, it is one of the most prestigious F1 races. Other car races and the Superbike championship take place there as well.